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'House with Doors and Windows'

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soft cover
40 pages risograph printed

Design by Loes Verstappen


A collection of texts describing (fictive or real) spaces, exploring the theme of architecture in relation to memory and storytelling.

With contributions by: Diana Duta, Jacob Dwyer, Paoletta Holst, John Holten, Michiel Huijben, Maja Popovic & Boba Stanic and Raf Rooijmans. Edited by Michiel Huijben

The publication has a screen printed cover housing two separate risograph print signatures. Edition 100.

Documentation by Antje Peters.

Commissioned by Extrapool and Link.

Flat i publications generally concentrate on the creative process behind a single work, focusing on the material that gets translated and the actions that perform this translation rather than the work that these combined efforts result in.

Flat i publications aim to not just share this material and this process, but to find ways to reenact them, as a way of freeing these from being merely a means toward an end, to find ways to have the process exist on its own terms and speak for itself.

Flat i is a publishing project by Michiel Huijben.