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Mike Pratt, 'One Big Lounge Scene'

65 EUR

No. 1: 

Set of 15 risograph prints with manual
Edition of 60 (plus 4 AP)
(installed approx. 110 x 180 cm)

(Signed and dated on the back of the last sheet.)

Manual design by Loes Verstappen
Printed at Knust, Nijmegen


Mike Pratt’s ‘One Big Lounge Scene’ is a print edition in a signed and numbered edition of 60 (+ 4 AP), consisting of a shrink-wrapped stack of 15 A3-sized risograph prints with an installation manual designed by Loes Verstappen. With the aid of this manual, a six-pack of beer and some basic household items, you can assemble and install the work yourself – at home, at work, or any other place of your choosing.

Mike Pratt was born in Sunderland, GB in 1987 and lives and works in North Shields, UK. He was a resident at De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2012 – 2014) and attended Northumbria University (2006 - 2009). In 2016 he met Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands, because Mike was a recipient of the Royal Dutch Painting Prize.

Flat i publications generally concentrate on the creative process behind a single work, focusing on the material that gets translated and the actions that perform this translation rather than the work that these combined efforts result in.

Flat i publications aim to not just share this material and this process, but to find ways to reenact them, as a way of freeing these from being merely a means toward an end, to find ways to have the process exist on its own terms and speak for itself.

Flat i is a publishing project by Michiel Huijben.